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White Mustard

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Country of origin India
Harvest Period March to April
Color White/yellow
Packaging Paper/poly bags in 10 to 25 Kgs
Labeling As per your requirements.
Shelf life 1 year.
GMO Status Not genetically modified.
Specification Send request to get more details.

Mustard seeds are available in three colors Black, yellow and white. It has been originated from Mediterranean region. It is the same as black mustard seeds but they are in white color and appear slightly yellow while aging.

White mustard seeds are excellent source of potassium and calcium. It has also protein. White Mustard seeds are primarily grown to make vegetable oil. Mustard seeds have good taste and aroma. They are used in various dishes in all over world.

Advantages of white mustard seeds

  • It has contains that helps to ease digestion problems.
  • Mustard seeds are useful in fixing the nervous system and regulating body metabolism because of its containing vitamin B-Complex.
  • White mustard seeds are filled with calcium, manganese, copper, iron and zinc and many more minerals. Those are good for body.
  • Regular consumption of white mustard can control Asthma, helps to weight loss, can slow aging.
  • White mustard can help in various problems because of great source of minerals.

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