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Black Sesame

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Country of origin India
Harvest period November to January
Color Black
Packaging Paper/poly bags in 10 to 25 Kgs
Labeling As per your requirements.
Shelf life 1 year.
GMO status Not Genetically modified.
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Black sesame seeds are one of the ancient and most useful seeds known and used by people on this planet. These small and flat seeds come from plant named Sesame plant. A sesame plant belongs to the Pedaliaceae family.

Black sesame contains more oil content than other seeds. Black sesame seeds are same as white sesame seeds but with stronger aroma and more flavorful than white sesame seeds. Black sesame seeds contain rich source of calcium, protein and Vitamin-B.  It is used in bakery products as toppings and also be used in medical purpose. Black sesames seeds are powerful food that can benefits us with health-promoting and anti-aging.

Advantages of Black Sesame Seeds

  • Chinese herbal medicines recommend the use of Black sesame seeds to delay the signs of aging. It helps to stop the aging signs like loss of hearing, poor memory and grey hairs and poor eye-sight. Black sesame has ingredients like iron and Vitamin B that help to fight these symptoms.
  • Black Sesame has the rich source of calcium that helps to make bones strong. It has also zinc that helps in bone to get stronger and increase the density of bones. Black sesame contains Vitamin E that keeps the skin healthy and energetic.
  • Black sesame contains sesamolin and sesamin substances that are recognized to control that cholesterol level. They also contain magnesium which helps to control rise of the blood pressure.
  • The antioxidants and phytochemicals in seed provide protection against certain cancer like colon cancer. The ingredients help to lower the risk of the cancer by strengthening immune system.
  • This seed helps in indigestion and constipation. They contain oil that helps to lubricate the intestines. It provides the fiber that is also good for digestion.
  • As above Black sesame seeds can be very helpful at many other things because of its rich ingredients.

We provide the best quality of premium Black sesame with rich nutrition.

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